About Me

Welcome to my personal web site. I’m an engineer, an entrepreneur and presently based in the Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. I’m 35 years old. This is my personal site and not meant to represent me on the job market or the engineering community but a bit could be learnt from my professional background through this site and a chance to know my life, my  family, my  friends, general interests and expertise, all on a square level. I am a member of Amnesty International Newcastle branch and member Transparency International UK branch.

I am a doctorate degree (PhD) graduate in Marine Technology (GIS-Based Pipeline Security) at the University of Newcastle; sponsored by the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I have a master’s degree (MSc) from the University of Greenwich-London in GIS/Remote Sensing and, a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (B.Eng) at Federal University of Technology, Minna. I started my career as an executive engineer with Siraj Consulting Engineers in Abuja in 1999, before proceeding for further studies in the United Kingdom. I have been a project engineer of various engineering (and GIS) projects ranging from developing concept plan to execution, as well as all stages of projects from outline concepts, surveys, assessments and presentations, through manual or computer aided detail design, contract documentation and management of environmental and engineering construction projects. I am the principal partner of Rowlands and Aardwolf Associates, Apricot Consulting Ltd., and the Managing Director of Zephyrgold International. I am happily married to the best, unsurpassed, most preeminent and superlative woman and blessed with three sweet children. I like wildlife hunting, swimming and computers. I like to think deeply about things, especially about business, and engineering problem, politics, international relations, and technology. I like spending time with old people because they are funny? and also with mates who are smart, funny and intelligent.